PTCL Internet speed in Practice

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Think carefully about the internet speed that is most suitable. To give the speed that you need an idea here's a summary.

ACT                                                                   REQUIRED SPEED
Mail without attachments                                      > 1 Mb / s
Browsing simple websites                                     1-2 Mb / s
Social media tracking (Facebook, Twitter, etc)      1-2 Mb / s
Internet calling                                                       > 4Mb / s
Youtube videos                                                     4-8 Mb / s
Interactive / digital TV over the internet                 16-24 Mb / s
Download large files                                             8-24 Mb / s

Internet Speed
As you can see, you can already mail from 1 mb per second. If you compose an email from 500kb so it takes half a second before the mail is sent. For basic things you have basically not need fast internet and you will hardly notice a difference in internet speed. Do you do multiple things at the same time and share the Internet connection with multiple users? Then add the totals together on. Then you can go and see what plan is most suitable. Please always be aware of the fact that the internet speed that comes with your subscription is no guarantee you that speed always gets. If you have a subscription with a speed of 20mb / s, this means that the maximum speed you can get 20mb / s. In practice, however, there is always a loss in speed. This has to do with a number of different factors, for example, the technique of the Internet, the distance from your home to the district center, the quality of the line and the number of people at the same time make use of a compound. It is wise to take into account this loss, it is very annoying because if the speed of your internet is not designed for your personal use.

When you have calculated that 10mb for you basically should be enough, choose a slightly faster subscription instance 20mb. So you can be sure that you always have enough speed and you will not have to stand. Unpleasant surprises

Estimating how much speed you really need
The question of how many internet capacity is the most suitable differs among individuals. Internet does from 0 kb / s but the question is how long you want to wait and how much money you have on there for to surf quickly. A faster Internet connection means that you have to wait as long. So you're a heavy user of the Internet and have little patience? Then choose a faster internet connection.

Are you not satisfied with the speed of your connection? Then check whether you have the option to increase or decrease the speed from your ISP. Indeed, some providers give the option to increase your internet speed or decrease without requiring a lot involved. So if you are not satisfied with your internet connection then it is probably your current provider if this is an option.

Direct test your internet speed? Put here ptcl speed test.

Most Beautiful Happy New Year's Pictures, 49 photos

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Before the new year only a little more than a day, and therefore will be a lot of joy, laughter and positive mood. And it's New Year's greetings to all of you specifically - readers of my close friends and friends of my readers :-) !

Remember what it was this year? Winter was cold

 and long spring did not come ...  

and in the summer it was so hot that I wanted all the time to be closer to the water. 

 It often happened that the world was unfair to us ...  

And favorite treat us not as we would like ...  

 Sometimes it was so hard ...  

 and sometimes - so painful ...  

 But happiness and were also a lot in the past year. Really?  

 However - this was the year ... so just let it go. Right now.  

 And in the coming New Year ... Be wise beyond his years  

 Be bold  

 Do not be afraid ...  

 Really ... do not be afraid  

 Fly ...  

 Soars above  


 Dance as never danced ...  

 Dance passionately ...  

 And let your dance emits light.  

 Be sexy ...  

 Be ... oh, very sexy  

 To dress ...  

 Undress ... and also beautiful.  

 do not read negative information from it is no use  

 look at everything with a positive.  

 Less sit on the internet ...  

 Walk more often  

 Look for your love  

 And you are sure to find it  

 After all, love - this is very important ...  

 And ... it does not matter how old you are - five ...  

 Or seventy five ...  


 Kiss on the cheek  

 And ... on the lips ...  

 Remember that you do create your life ...  

 And ... do it yourself, or black and white ...  

 Color ... or ...  

 and let your world will be more bright colors  

 See the world through the eyes of a child  

 ... And you will see a lot of beauty  

 Smile to the world ...  

 The world ... and you always smile  

 Often see in the sky ... at any time  

 And ... there you will definitely see something amazing  

 Even if it snows ...  

 .... Especially when it is snowing  

 This year, life will be good ...  

 All you will be just fine  

Happy 2015 for you! 

 If you liked this article, then use it to congratulate their friends. They will be pleased!  

Sources - The text (in part) and the idea :, photo: , , , and other resources :-) On the positive, especially for all the friends, readers and friends of readers - Blogging Tune .

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